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  • 2021 in Review

    2021 in Review

    I do this little review every year, so I have a record of how things were for me. I don’t have much to write this year, because it felt like a holding pattern, just waiting around for the shitshow of 2020 to settle down, but with no particular new highs or lows to report. I’m…

  • Bob Enyart is Dead

    Bob Enyart is Dead

    Back before Twitter, blogs were where intense debates happened. In the year 2000, if you were an edgy youngster like myself, you post something provocative on your blog, then people would “comment” on it (kind of like an @ reply), then others would yell at you, and sometimes you’d go to their blog and yell…

  • I Got Injected Where the Pigs Poop and It’s Filling Me With Hope for the Future

    I got my second COVID vaccine yesterday, so this post might be a literal fever dream. Sorry. It’s become almost cliché to say this, but do you ever snap back to reality and realize how weird things have become? Yesterday, I went to the place where London’s annual Western Fair is usually held. I passed…

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