A blog and other information about the person known as Phronk online.

  • 2020 In Review

    Well, that was a year. As you may have heard, a deadly pandemic sort of ruined the world in 2020. Vaccines are starting to roll out, so it may be less than a year before this all seems like a hazy dream. I guess that makes it important for me to write down how this […]

  • A Book Cannot Be Murdered

    Hi! I haven’t blogged here much lately, but I have been writing over on a shared blog with some other writers. Check out Across the Board for some of my new stuff, mostly focused on writing. I’ll also start gradually re-posting that stuff here whenever I get a chance, like this post. This tweet made the […]

  • Why I’m Cutting Down on Artificial Sweeteners

    I may have been wrong about artificial sweeteners. I’ve always been a big fan of them, because I love stuffing sweet things in my mouth, but also try to keep my daily calorie count somewhat reasonable. Sweeteners also have an ideological draw—I love artificial things. I’m typing this on an artificial iPad, powered by artificial […]

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