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  • What Pretentious Scotch Reviews Taught Me About Writing

    What Pretentious Scotch Reviews Taught Me About Writing

    Scotch has been my drink of choice lately. Have you ever read reviews for scotch? Google any random example and you’ll see they’re all pretentious as hell. Here are five egregious “tasting notes” about various drinks, from Whisky Shop Magazine: “Absolutely filthy … like doing a bog swim without a snorkel.” “The nose is a…

  • Writing With Background Music

    Writing With Background Music

    I got a dog a few weeks ago. It’s cool to see the world through a puppy’s eyes, wondering how she’ll react to any new thing for the first time—music, for example. I constantly listen to music, but I hesitated the first time I went to stream some tunes while the dog chomped on a…

  • The Paradoxical Appeal of Horror

    The Paradoxical Appeal of Horror

    I write genre fiction—mostly horror. I’m also a brain scientist. Occasionally, I like to combine those things and explore the irrationality of the horror genre with an attempt at rational thought. Have you ever thought about how damn strange horror really is? Yeah yeah, obviously spooky stuff is strange, and it’s always been an outcast of a…

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