New Cover For Stars and Other Monsters

After a few decades of dinking around, I’m starting to take this writing thing more seriously. In 2014, I finally published a few books, and in 2015 I plan to publish even more. Part of taking it seriously is realizing my limitations and hiring professionals to help overcome them. 
My self-designed cover for Stars and Other Monsters (my first novel – BUY IT) was pleasant enough, but it really didn’t get across what was in the book. It looked like some literary journey of self discovery; anyone expecting that, and instead finding various monsters ripping each other the fuck apart, would probably be disappointed.
I wanted a cover that couldn’t belong to any other book. Something pulpy and mildly retro, like a poster for the cliché-filled old movies that the novel both skewers and pays homage to. I’d seen Keith Draws‘ work before, and his style totally fit the bill.
So here’s the new cover:

Keith did an awesome job and was awesome to work with. Awesome. He’ll be back for the sequel, which I’m working on now, and will probably be much better than the first one.

I always thought mailing lists were spammy as fuck, but apparently every author has one these days, and I guess it’s better than relying on Amazon to notify you when a new book you want comes out. So, sign up for my mailing list to get notifications about new stuff I write. Or just check back here. Or follow me on Twitter. Whatever.

Oh hey, happy new year, by the way. I’ll be back with my annual list of the music I listened to most this year. See you then.


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