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  • The Paradoxical Appeal of Horror

    The Paradoxical Appeal of Horror

    I write genre fiction—mostly horror. I’m also a brain scientist. Occasionally, I like to combine those things and explore the irrationality of the horror genre with an attempt at rational thought. Have you ever thought about how damn strange horror really is? Yeah yeah, obviously spooky stuff is strange, and it’s always been an outcast of a…

  • 2022 in Review

    2022 in Review

    It feels like the world is getting back to normal in 2022, but with two important caveats. First, it probably shouldn’t feel this way. More people are dying of COVID now than at many times in the past few years when we rightly freaked out. Yet we’ve stopped doing anything about it. The threat of…

  • 2018 in Review

    Looks like time has chewed away another year from my life. I had the typical “there were plenty of highs and lows” type of year. I find that at this age (late thirties), both the highs and lows are more profound. For example, people in my age cohort not only have children, but have children…

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