Month: September 2012

  • "Shy at First Butt" – The Horrors of Internet Dating Volume 11

    Click for embiggening Welcome to another instalment of The Horrors of Internet Dating. I’ve been mostly single for a few months now, so I’m about ready to start filling the emptiness in my soul with browsing the seediest parts of the Internet and making questionable decisions. Let’s start positive, with some people who actually seem […]

  • Book Review: Bloodsucking Fiends, by Christopher Moore

    Oh look, I’m reviewing yet another vampire novel. Whatever. Just be happy I haven’t resorted to Twilight yet. Bloodsucking Fiends tells the story of a newly formed vampire who, in order to function in modern society, recruits a human to do stuff for her during the day. Inevitably and for no good reason, they fall […]

  • The Western Fair: An Escape From Reality

    As I mentioned in my previous post about dying on The Zipper, it was about a year ago when I became one of Western Fair’s “real serious bloggers.” The Fair opens today, and in honour of that, here is last year’s post about the Fair closing. Get out and enjoy it while you can! Maybe […]

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