The Western Fair: An Escape From Reality

As I mentioned in my previous post about dying on The Zipper, it was about a year ago when I became one of Western Fair’s “real serious bloggers.” The Fair opens today, and in honour of that, here is last year’s post about the Fair closing. Get out and enjoy it while you can! Maybe you, too, will find a penis dog to call your own.

An Escape From Reality

It is sad to bid farewell to the fair for another year, but not too sad. I think part of the appeal of the Western Fair is that it only comes once a year. It’s an escape from reality, and reality is not something I’d want to abandon for too long.


Reality usually has me safe on the ground, in control of my own motion. The Western Fair has me flung high in the air by rusty metal machines controlled by questionable strangers. It’s a thrill to momentarily leave the comfort of solid ground, but it’s not something I’d want to do every day.


Reality usually has me watching what I eat, exerting at least some self-control so I don’t end up unhealthy or nauseous. The Western Fair, again, encourages me to give up some control, because the typical fair food of corn dogs, fries, cotton candy, and elephant ears are not exactly health supplements. It’s nice to give in and pig out for a few nights, but I probably wouldn’t survive doing it every night.


Then there’s the freshest of food: animals. Reality has me chilling with my fellow humans, and maybe the occasional cats and dogs. The Western Fair gets me up close and personal with everything from tiny just-hatched chicks, to medium-sized pigs in cowboy hats, to giant horses. I’m real serious, that horse’s butt was above my head. While it’s nice to get in touch with nature occasionally, it’s not something–

Oh, who am I kidding, I’d hang out with this guy every day:

And this was pretty fun:


Still, the fact that the Fair only comes once a year is part of what makes it such a delightful escape from the everyday. I’ve had a blast, and I’m very thankful to the folks who made this happen. See you in a year, Western Fair.

P.S. Yes, I know what that corn dog looks like.


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