Month: August 2008

  • Welcome, Cake Haters

    Welcome to everyone coming from Epicurious. It’s awesome that they linked to our ugly global warming cake and described it as “godawful”. Be sure to check out our Other Ugly Cakes, and come back for more in the future (I’ve still got pictures of at least two others to post).

  • Puppy Scratches and Handwritten Bar Stamp

    I woke up on my couch, my shirt covered in crumbs. I tried to swallow, and my mouth was full of crumbs too. I guess I was so dehydrated that the nachos I’d stuffed in my mouth and half-chewed, in a futile attempt to avoid a hangover, had dried to a crumble. The picture above…

  • Bike

    This is my sweet-ass new bike. Thanks Yvonne! It doesn’t actually have a headlight; that’s just the reflector being all reflecty with the flash. Now I can get places in a fraction of the time that I could before. And I can do it [SMUG ALERT] without harming the environment with stinky car fumes [/SMUG…

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