Month: May 2007

  • Book Review: The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, Book 1), by Phillip Pullman

    The Golden Compass is actually called Northern Lights in every place except North America. I guess the publishers thought that kids would get confused, because they would not know what lights could possibly be doing in the north. Never mind that the book never refers to the titular object as a compass; that’s not confusing […]

  • New Header

    I changed my header (the thing above where it says slightly. The rat-monkey-squirrels have changed into my brain. It makes more sense, because it’s beside the zombies, and zombies eat brains, not rat-squirrel-monkeys. It actually is my brain. I figure I can remain anonymous here, since most people are unlikely to recognize me by […]

  • Never Forget

    Here are four of my earliest memories from childhood: In elementary school, we used to have classes where we learned about drugs, and how to not do them (anyone remember Safety Kids?). After one of these classes, I remember going out for recess with my friends, and finding a suspicious mass on the ground. It […]