Month: June 2006

  • Television Sucks

    I watched the first half-hour of the new TV show “Blade: The Series” last night. While it did “suck” (hahahahaha), it had some surprisingly good action and special effects for a TV show. But what really impressed me was when it showed someone doing research on a computer, it actually resembled someone doing research on […]

  • Oink

    I just thought of something. If one were to go on a diet (er, sorry, “make a lifestyle change”) in order to lose weight, it would have have beneficial effects apart from the loss of weight. I’m not talking about raising self esteem and feeling good, I’m talking about money. If one eats less, then […]

  • The Day of Rockening

    I have discovered my new favourite band. They’re called Lordi, and they rock harder than any band has rocked before. The band is from Finland, which they represented in an international battle of the bands called the Euro-Vision Song Contest. Obviously they won, and were honoured by the president of Finland herself (who looks like […]