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  • 2021 in Review

    2021 in Review

    I do this little review every year, so I have a record of how things were for me. I don’t have much to write this year, because it felt like a holding pattern, just waiting around for the shitshow of 2020 to settle down, but with no particular new highs or lows to report. I’m […]

  • The Best Most Listened-To Albums of 2012: Top 20

    Here are the 20 albums that I listened to the most this year. The first part of the top 35 is over here; as I mentioned there, it was an odd year for music. I don’t even own many of the albums below; rather, I streamed them from various places. Once again I’ve bolded some […]

  • Tweeting With the Stars, Volume 9: Deepak Chopra Volume 3

    Ok so like, you know how Deepak Chopra and I go way back? Our relationship started out like any other: I accused him of not understanding physics and he invited me back to his place. Soon we were talking about how this energy between us burns brighter than the sun. I thought it was going really well. […]