"Songs For Mastubations" and Other Search Terms Used to Find Phronk.com (Volume 7)

I haven’t done this in a while. Here are some of the doors through which people walked to get to Phronk.com. Long-time readers will realize that most of these people entered to find exactly what they were looking for.

stupid stuff on the internet [Note: any Google search can probably safely omit “on the internet.”]

vampire bat sucking on an airplane [Three different people searched for this]

images of very dirty toilet cakes

dirty Poty cake photo in the world

pics of people farting

fart me

man breaks

female flip coin

why movies are scary?>

turtle humping unicorn

werewolf sex

fish porn [This continues to be popular]

old people fuck

an old man climbing a tree holding a computer

songs for mastubations

stuff weighing heavily

funny racist jokes

green bastard

ninja turtle snuggie

hulk and iron man kiss

people with messed up ears

room full of people that understand you

fafafa fa

what the fuck is this shit




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