Press a "Like" Button on May 2nd

This is now a political blog.

Just kidding. I hate politics. It depresses me that the country is run not by the most intelligent or qualified people, but by whoever can win a popularity contest. Literally. Plus, just being in the running means these people are the types who desire power, which is often antithetical to responsibly wielding power.

Nevertheless, it’s important to vote. Seriously. Just fucking vote. It’s not hard, and it’s the only way to cancel out the votes of all the blowhards who blab about politics all the time.

Social media has made blabbing about politics easier, even for people who normally wouldn’t. Despite my cynicism, I think that’s a good thing. We’ve seen an increase in young people paying attention to politics this election, and social media is at least partially responsible. This Saturday, there will be a vote mob in Victoria Park here in London at 1:00, featuring Rick Mercer. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, so I encourage everyone to go there, or at least splooge the word all over the internets for all to see.

London’s main TV station, /A\ Channel, is catching on to this newfangled internet thing. On election day, they’ll be including social media in their election coverage. I’m honoured to be a part of the team that’ll be monitoring and reflecting the collective consciousness of the online world during the broadcast, so like, watch it, and maybe you’ll see my shiny head in the background. More importantly, continue blabbing online, follow me on Twitter, check out the group Tumblr blog we’ll be updating, Carmi’s post on this, and Enjoy the Canada votes Facebook page. I’ll try to push the coverage to be raw and entertaining instead of the sanitized political bullshit you normally see.

In other news, I made a Facebook page for this blog because I guess people use Facebook sometimes. It’s in the sidebar to the right. Like it if you like it. If I get 25 fans, I get a prize can claim the username that is rightfully mine. Thanks.


2 responses to “Press a "Like" Button on May 2nd”

  1.  Avatar

    I would “like” you on Facebook, but as I am considered a “fan page”, not a person, according to Facebook, I am not permitted to “like” stuff, so just take my word for it. 96 people “like” my blog, so take that as a personal challenge 🙂


  2.  Avatar

    Did you attend this event on Saturday? I'm curious as to what exactly a “vote mob” does. Did the group randomly decide things by show of hands?


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