Month: November 2010

  • Food Review: The KFC Double Down

    When the Double Down was announced on April 1st, many people thought it was either a prank or the downfall of human civilization. Consisting of two battered and deep-fried chicken breasts embracing cheese, bacon, and “the colonel’s secret sauce” (stop hitting on me colonel), it’s like everything unhealthy stuffed together in one big gob. So […]

  • The Cock of the Walk

    There’s this cock carved in the sidewalk near Queens and Wellington; nothing fancy, just a half oval with two circles. My sense of humour includes the not-so-sophisticated, so I giggle every time I walk past. It takes me about 45 minutes to walk to work (factoring in a stop for coffee, because the coffee at […]

  • Stephen King Contest: WINNERS

    The results of the contest are in. I wish everyone could be winners, I really do, because most of your entries were just awesome. But I’ve only got two books, so by random draw (see the spreadsheet here), the winners are… Sean!, with the following stupid story: In Castle Rock Maine a county fair has […]