Me in Maclean’s, + Wrinkly Nuts

Sooo there’s an article about me in Maclean’s Magazine (April 12th issue, page 62). It goes like so:

Plain old coffee can be boring, so Mike “Phronk” [my last name] of London, Ont., likes to put “weird things” in his (he keeps a blog about it). [etc.]

Conspicuously absent? The address of said blog. I guess there won’t be an influx of millions of visitors who will buy my crappy merchandise.

Oh well. At least when I’m old, I can brag to my grandkids about my greatest accomplishment. I’ll be all like, “STOP TALKING. Did you know that I was in Maclean’s?”

And they’ll be all like, “WTF is Maclean’s?”

And I’ll say, “It was one of Canada’s most popular magazines.”

And they’ll say, “WTF is a magazine?”

Then I will get angry and rant about the good old days when you had to physically leave the house to get information, then slowly absorb it from paper to your brain, rather than instantly downloading it into your neural implant. Then I’ll graphically demonstrate how the iPad can suck my wrinkly nuts.





15 responses to “Me in Maclean’s, + Wrinkly Nuts”

  1. shine Avatar

    This sounds totally healthy. Mentally.

    What BS that they didn't even put your blog address.


  2. Darius Whiteplume Avatar

    Hopefully the conversation will also include:

    “And the Pope was on the cover.”

    “What's a pope?”

    I can dream.

    Very nice, and congrats.


  3. Tatiana Avatar

    Excellent comment DW. I'm still waiting for my housekeeping robot, never mind neural implants.


  4. Brian Frank Avatar

    Congrats! That's awesome, I'm going to check that out today… Wish I had your PR & design budget. New look's looking good.


  5. S Avatar

    So where's the scanned image of the article? 🙂


  6. sarah Avatar

    Great job!!! You are awesome!


  7. Jennifer Avatar

    I almost want to buy a copy so I can tell my grandkids I once knew the guy who was published in the magazine.


  8. Hey Lady! Avatar

    You could have your kids write a website (or whatever the kids are doing in those days) about you like: @shitmydadsays. AWESOME!


  9. lookitsbray Avatar

    Hey Congrats!! That's pretty bad ass!


  10. Forest City Fashionista Avatar

    Yep, it sucks when you get some press about your blog and they neglect to tell readers where they can find the damn blog. I been there. Congrats on the mention though. We're running neck and neck on the press coverage!


  11. Candice Avatar

    Dammmn, you so famous! Can I get your autograph? Maybe you can stick that in your online dating profile.


  12. Mark Avatar

    And you know they won't include it on their website, where linking would be SO easy… damn you msm!


  13. Johnson Avatar

    Sucking wrinkly nuts. There's an app for that.


  14. Phronk Avatar

    Thanks y'all. When this fame continues and I take over the world, you will be spared.

    I'll scan it and post it somewhere in a few days, when I'm probably less likely to get in trouble for it.


  15. Anonymous Avatar

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