So I’ve been wondering:

When people say “good morning,” are they wishing that you will have a good morning, or are they telling you that it is already a good morning?

In support of the latter, I notice that people tend to say “good morning” more on days like today; sunny springy weekends. If that’s the case, then an appropriate response would be “yes, it sure is.”

But people don’t say that. They say “good morning” right back. If the greeting is a statement of fact, then that’s a bit odd. It would be like if I told you “Greece is the world’s largest (per capita) consumer of cheese,” and you responded with “Greece is the world’s largest (per capita) consumer of cheese.”

It must be more about well-wishing, then. That’s a lot of pressure; morning only lasts a few hours, and it’s tough to raise it up to a standard of goodness just because a stranger on the street told you to.

Maybe the most appropriate response to “good morning,” then, is “screw off old man, I’ll do what I want with my morning.”




12 responses to “Mornin'”

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    Have you ever thought that you might think a bit too much. ;)That being said… I have wondered the same thing.


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    I think it's more about wishing you a good morning. And it's really just a greeting these days, more than an actual statement about goodnesses of mornings.


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    There is very little good about weekday mornings for the working peoples, so I figure it's a combination of polite greeting and wishful thinking. But then I'm as far removed from a morning person as it gets.


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    It's like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday”. It isn't a statement of fact, it's wishing you a good morning. That is why you wish them a good morning back, unless you're a douche, then you say “Screw off old man…”.


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    It means hello. It also means goodbye, depending how British you are, and may occasionally be dismissive, or mean “go the fuck away”. Either way, I usually reply “is it?” Ass burgers.


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    That gave me a headache. Off to binge drink it away.


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    Dude, your Christmas lights are still up, you just love Christmas THAT much? Or perhaps your like my neighbor who thinks if he doesn't turn them on, no one will notice?


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    How about in Austria, where you say “good morning” and they respond with “gross gott”, which means, “greet god”.


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    Well now I want cheese. In Greece.


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    When people say “good morning!” to me at 7:30am, I want to shout out in my best rage voice “JUST BECAUSE WE'RE ALL UP THIS EARLY DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE ALL MORNING PEOPLE,” and see what reaction I get.


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