Did it ever occur to you that Christianity is mostly based on a woman trying to hide how slutty she was?

“Mary! What the fuck!”

“No seriously, I’m a virgin. It’s…it’s a miracle?”

Then, two thousand and ten years later, we have a pope who doesn’t believe in birth control.




9 responses to “XXXMas”

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    But he believes in aliens! That makes it all better, right?


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    This post is a lot less XXX-y than its promising title. Nice touch with the cussing Christians, though. Good save.


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    Tatiana: Hehe, well, I guess it's a step in the right direction. Katrocket: I'm sorry. I will write something truly XXX soon, just for you.


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    Hmmm got to say, usually you're more creative then this. Comedians have been using that material for decades. I did like the title.


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    True. I thought the Facebook pic and pope connection made it worth posting anyway though. 🙂


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    Fair enough, I will give you the Facebook thing, that was awesome. I'm sure there is a huge amount of equally awesome Facebook posts, which, judging from your dating site posts, could be something you could write really hilariously about, I'm just saying…


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    Hehe, the problem with that is that I'd be making fun of all my friends, which would probably put a strain on our relationship. :)Plus, Lamebook already exists.


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    Ha! Come The Rapture and you won't be going anywhere buddy 🙂


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    Aww I don't even get to go to hell? BORING.


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