National Photo Book Month 2009

Update! There are more options for downloading the book, if it didn’t work for you yesterday. See below. Only this link works now.

After completing NaNoWriMo, I was left with very little to do. I thought to myself, self, you have two and a half hours before the end of the month; what other November-related activities could you take part in? Then I thought of NaPhoBoMo, or National Photo Book Month; a London-originating project to make a photo book in November. And hey, if I can write a novel in a month, then surely I can take 50 pictures and figure out how to turn them into a book in three hours.

As 9:45 approached, I began to see the excellent completed works from other participants in this wonderful project, and I wanted to fit in. So I went out and began taking pictures. And by “out” I mean out of my computer chair and into the wilds of my one-bedroom apartment. I pressed the macro button on my camera, but it didn’t prevent most of my closeups from being blurry.

Now you may witness the creativity that procrastination can unleash. The .pdf file of my photo book, Blurry Closeups of Random Objects in My Apartment, can be downloaded (TOTALLY FOR FREE) by clicking here.

Be sure to go through this work of art in order. Let your mind make the connections between photos, leading you on a journey through my life; a journey of horror and delight that, you will gradually realize, is a journey through the plight of all mankind. You will gasp at the unfolding story of materialism, spirituality, sex, the apocalypse, the death of all things physical in favour of all things digital, and ultimately, getting back to our ancient Asian heritage.

It’s a message of hope, really.

Or it’s just random shit from my apartment because I wanted to fit in but didn’t want to go outside.

It’s snowing out there you guys.


Update! Some people are having trouble downloading it. If the full sized version above doesn’t work, try these:





6 responses to “National Photo Book Month 2009”

  1. Forest City Fashionista Avatar

    I tried downloading your photo book twice, and all I get is a blank screen 😦 Just when I really needed a message of hope, and to be entertained by photos of random shit in your apartment, like that crazy dog in the plaid tam.


  2. Phronk Avatar

    Hmm weird! It's working for me. Did you download it to your computer and then try opening it?

    I'll try a different format if anyone else has trouble.

    P.S. Thanks for your fashion expertise. I didn't know that was called a tam. 🙂


  3. Wings Avatar

    Prolific, are ya?



  4. carissajade Avatar

    I couldn't get to it either!! It wouldn't load!! I really would like to see the random shit in your apartment.. not in a creepy way either.


  5. Phronk Avatar

    I put smaller versions up. Maybe those will work?


  6. Forest City Fashionista Avatar

    I was able to open the “smaller” version. That was a pretty amazing creative project you put together in a couple of hours! You have some cool and/or creepy stuff, and may have more toys in your apartment than I do.


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