The Glass's Half Empty

So there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news it that I finally found those glasses I lost a few months ago.

The bad news is that I found them in the washing machine.

And they look like this:

Ain’t those just the saddest little things you ever did see?




11 responses to “The Glass's Half Empty”

  1.  Avatar

    Well, it's a good thing you didn't just say “These are my glasses.” … Cause then I would have thought yer head was sorta Jason Voorhees-like.


  2.  Avatar

    This could be a good thing for the 1000 acts of kindness! Find someone with a crooked face cough my old neighbour cough and give them those glasses!!! Or you can fix them with tape. My mom did that before. She was nerd-tastic!


  3.  Avatar

    I ran over my glasses with the van one time


  4.  Avatar

    ummmm… maybe you can bend them back into shape??? eeee… i wear an extremely bent pair of glasses… and their not so bad!


  5.  Avatar

    You should totally take a picture of them and post it on the internets.


  6.  Avatar

    Wings: That gives me an idea for a Halloween costume…nerdy Jason Voorhees.EvilFlu & Carissa: I dunno if any amount of tape and bending can fix the left arm being half melted off. Having them just kinda hanging off my nose might be cool though..?Blondie: Ouch. That would probably be even worse.Jardo: I have taken your advice into consideration and complied.


  7.  Avatar

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  8.  Avatar

    Once, my dad was a car accident victim for halloween. He tore up some clothes, added fake blood and twisted an old pair of glasses. Then he spent the night stumbling into bars. Ha.Anyhow, I am more concerned that you lost your glasses in the washing machine TWO MONTHS AGO and are just finding them now. Haven't done laundry in awhile? Stinky.


  9.  Avatar

    those are sad… I haven't read your blog in more then a week, and I decide to come back and this is what I see?!?!? I'm all sad and depressed now, thanks dude.


  10.  Avatar

    My initial thought was also “why the face has he not peered into his washing machine for two months?”So wtf Mike? :]


  11.  Avatar

    Let me explain.They must have been in an unusual pocket of some pants or a sweater, which I didn't think to check. They may have gone through the wash a few times before falling out, hence the damage. I do laundry semi-regularly. Even though I hate it.P.S. Haha “why the face”. Modern Family rules.


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