Get "Smart"

Sometimes I think the universe reads my blog, because look what the fates decided to place in my mailbox shortly after that last post:

Direct your attention to the lower right-hand corner, where we are assured that this edition of Get Smart has 62% more “laughs.”  Having seen the movie, if these new “laughs” are of the same caliber as the rest of the movie, the quotes are justified.  I don’t think that’s how they meant it though.

It’s also pertinant to point out the correct use of quotes right beside the incorrect use. Unless they meant to emphasize how funny and exciting it was, rather than attribute the quote to a critic.  Does it then count as plagiarism?

There’s also the “hilarious” technique of throwing out a random number. Sixty two percent! It’s funny because you can’t quantify laughs! What will they think of next?

Please note that I don’t really give a shit about grammar or punctuation in the vast majority of situations. Go ahead and abuse the language in everyday conversation, instant messages, even a blog. People don’t actually talk in accordance with the arbitrary rules of grammar, and it would sound funny if they did.  It’s only when a message needs to be clearly communicated to a lot of people – like on a sign, or in marketing materials, or on a DVD case – that it should be perfect. With hilarious results when it’s not.

Time to go watch Naked Gun 33





2 responses to “Get "Smart"”

  1. Shora Avatar

    I agree, I could care less about grammar. Except, hang on, if I COULD care less then I guess I really kinda care. (Ok, yes, I care about grammar dammit!!! Cuz it’s I COULDN’T care less, people… COULDN’T!!!)Happy “Easter”


  2. Harry Avatar

    Actually, the only thing that struck me as odd when looking at the picture was A). Oh, that’s what the cover of Get Smart looks like and B). You have French titles. Its obvious as to why, just struck me as odd having seen only Spanish titles my whole life. That movie was a complete disgrace to the original show by the way. I grew up with Max and 99 and knew this tragedy of a film would only serve as an attempt to destroy my childhood memories.Good “post”. 😛


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