Month: January 2009

  • ShamWow

    Last month, I went to a Christmas party where they were doing this secret Santa gift exchange thing; everyone brings a small wrapped gift and puts it under the tree, then people pick gifts in random order. When my number came up, I attempted to use my psychic materialism powers to sniff out the very […]

  • Look at This Photograph. Every Time I Do It Makes Me Laugh.

    There are times when I wish technology would just hurry up and invent a camera that we install in our eyes, and that can be activated with a thought. Every day, I see things that I wish could instantly be recorded somewhere other than in my fleeting memory; gorgeous snippets of life that are worth […]

  • Someday, Somehow, Gonna Make it Alright But Not Right Now

    The final line of Mayor Anne Marie “Too Many Names” DeCicco-Best’s state of the city address, after discussing the challenges London faces, was the following: London – the city that will be. What? Here are some alternative tag lines that mean the same thing. London – the city that sucks ass now but might be […]

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