But I Won't Do That

I was thinking, and I thought for a moment that I hadn’t left the house today, and I was very disappointed in myself for being so lazy and antisocial. Then I remembered that, no, I went grocery shopping today. And I remembered that I bought frozen meatloaf in a box. And I remembered that I ate it. Then I was even more disappointed in myself.




4 responses to “But I Won't Do That”

  1.  Avatar

    frozen meatloaf in a box?yuck.


  2.  Avatar

    Does it come with a frozen hug from a frozen mom?


  3.  Avatar

    Better than frozen misshapen meatloaf in plastic bags though! I’m disappointed in this comment.


  4.  Avatar

    Ty: It actually tasted pretty good for what it was.DR: You’re thinking of the frozen chicken soup.Dale: I thought it was a mighty fine comment. Mighty fine.


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