Don’t Like / Do Like

Here are two things that I do not like:

  • The fact that, when I see two houseflies buzzing around, tangled together, humping each other, I start to feel kinda lonely.
  • Seeing posters on every other lamp post, reading LOST DOG, $250 reward. The kids, especially, want her back. She is sick and needs medication. These make it hard to go anywhere without wanting to burst into tears.

Here are two thing that I do like:

  • Hearing music I’ve never heard of before from, and sharing music with, awesome people.
  • Seeing ice cream trucks drive by on a hot day. I remember being a kid, and being just overjoyed when the ringing of the ice cream dude approached. I guess that joy still hasn’t worn off.





13 responses to “Don’t Like / Do Like”

  1. Brian Frank Avatar

    Ya, the medicated dog is certainly a sad case. I’m afraid almost all hope must be lost by now — despite the fantastic campaign.


  2. Brian Frank Avatar

    … well now it’s just driving me crazy that my last comment was a lot more crass than I intended it to be. I think seeing it posted with that picture of me (its aggressive blandness seems to drain every bit of irony and genuine compassion out of the surrounding atmosphere) changed my perception.


  3. von Avatar

    Humping flies make you feel lonely? Awww… I know what will fix that…Porn. It helps me, at least.


  4. Harry J. Sachz Avatar

    Ice cream men were the best! It wasn’t until I was a little older did I realize you could buy illegal fireworks and weed from the same Mexican dude that handed us Bomb Pops and Sonic the Hedgehog (pee comes out blue) popsicles. Ahhh.. the memories


  5. Phronk Avatar

    Brian: Hahaha…your lack of crassness is noted. The term “aggressive blandness” is pretty awesome though.Von: For a second I thought you said “humping flies makes you feel lonely”, and I was like, no, you misunderstood, and it’s not THAT small. But yeah, yay porn!Sachz: Awesome…the ice cream guy has something for all ages. What I remember best are those popsicles that were ghosts with gumballs for eyeballs. Nothing better than trying to chew frozen bubble gum while lapping at a quickly melting popsicle.


  6. sunmyst Avatar

    New music suggestion, if you haven’t come across it yet: Explosions In The Sky, their music is amazing


  7. Phronk Avatar

    That’s the second time I’ve heard them mentioned in the last few days (and mentioned as being amazing, too). Gotta look them up.


  8. Butchie Avatar

    That dog didn’t taste very healthy.


  9. Ashli Avatar

    The only ice cream truck around here has pedophile stamped all over it.Captain and I can hear it some mornings, and it is just the eeriest sound ever.I bet the kids around here just eat that shit up.I do however, love Dixie Lee bicycles. Whenever we walk down the riverfront I pester for some, but we never have change 😦


  10. sirbarrett Avatar

    Sometimes those lost cat signs are just left up even though the cat has been found. The owners are just too lazy to take them down. Or maybe I just said that to make you feel better. Maybe the cats are all dead. It’s not as depressing as those animal pounds that post videos online counting down the minutes until they have to put the dogs down because there isn’t enough room right?There’s always ice cream.


  11. E Flo Avatar

    Tell Butchie that lost dogs are depressing. That is the saddest note ever.


  12. SharkBoy Avatar

    Sometimes dogs just can’t deal with overbearing owners who won’t let them be dogs but want them to act like children…


  13. Jason Avatar

    Great… I’ll never look at a housefly the same.


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