But I Don't Wanna Be a Pirate

A while ago I posted this picture from my trip to Halifax:

Today I got this comment on the post:

Anonymous said…

Hey! There’s a picture of us protesting! 😀

I am the guy wearing the pirate costume all the way to the left. 🙂
The one with the black vest and the white puffy shirt! ^___^

Thanks for spreading the word.

Anony Maus

Isn’t that fucking incredible? I snap a random vacation picture, post it on my blog, and one of the people in the picture manages to find it. It’s made even more incredible by the fact that everyone involved is as anonymous as can be.

And remember kids, Scientology sucks ass. Tolerance for religion is good. Tolerance for a cult that brainwashes people into believing they are alien clams until they die is not.




4 responses to “But I Don't Wanna Be a Pirate”

  1.  Avatar

    Hmmmm. I just found your blog via … a certain fundamentalist, and I think I’d have to add their brand of religion on the not to be tolerated pile.


  2.  Avatar

    Ah, good old Dani. I both agree and disagree with you. I would never go against her right to believe whatever the hell she wants, no matter how morbid and crazy it is. But when it has observable negative effects – like when her crew harasses people at gay pride parades, threatens abortion clinics, rejoices when abortionists die, and brainwash children into hating people – that is difficult to continue being tolerant about. At some point the more informed people have to stand up for what they know is right, if only in self defense.


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    My personal was of attacking the CoS is by always clicking on their banner ads whenever I come across them. This costs them a little bit of money and it likely means one less add that will appear that could lead someone into their clutches. I don’t know how much money they spend, but most pay-per-click banner advertisers have set a daily limit (at least with Google Ads) they are willing to spend. So, if every atheist or other non-deluded person were to do this as well, all of CoS’s ads would get wasted. They lose money and the chance to suck someone in.I find this especially satisfying when the banner ad appears next to an anti-religious or anti-CoS post. For example, my religion category on my blog invariably has a CoS ad on it — in case you have a hard time finding one.


  4.  Avatar

    Good idea! I’ll be sure to click their ads. Though I hope this doesn’t have the opposite effect; “oh look, so many people are clicking! The ads are working! Let’s invest more money in the recruiting and brainwashing department.”Oh and I fully encourage everyone to browse my deep thoughts category and click on all the ads. It’s all about screwing Scientology! The fact that I make a few cents from every click is just gravy.


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