I'm With the Band

On Saturday we went to The Wick to see AnathematizeD, a thrash/death metal band. While it was a bit weird seeing a death metal band in the middle of the afternoon, it was awesome, and made me want to immediately go learn to play guitar, drop out of school, and start a band.

Later that day, I updated my profile picture on Facebook:

I just took a quick one of myself to replace the stupid old pic that was there before. For some reason, though, people started to comment on it. They said I look scary, disgruntled, intimidating, and possibly attractive to hybristophiliacs. But most importantly, one person said I look the hard-ass frontman of a band. Was this some sort of sign?

Later that day, we went to Vietnam for dinner. Vietnam is a restaurant way east on the sketchy part of Dundas, with lots of delicious Vietnamese food, including pho (which is something I did not try, but need to someday, because all I hear people talk about lately is pho). The decor is also beautiful, with Pepto Bismol coloured walls and a disco light machine thing left over from a previous occupant of that building. Seriously though, the food was awesome. As we were leaving – and “we” is four dudes about my age – the owner of Vietnam excitedly asked if we were grabbing some dinner on the way to a show. He had just assumed that we were a rock band.

Another sign! It’s decided, then. Screw all this school stuff; I’m picking up a non-plastic guitar and touring the world playing beautiful death metal for the rest of my life. Goodbye.




19 responses to “I'm With the Band”

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    I think it’s only fair of me to point out that I don’t think it’s actually NECESSARY to KNOW how to play the guitar in a death metal band…But yeah…that is a freakin’ cool looking pic of you!


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    I got mauled by a girl who thought I was the lead singer for Pantera (of course, this was back when I was considerably thinner).


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    I think a plastic guitar would be a better option. so…uh…good luck with that. 🙂


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    Activision sent me a free faceplate for my guitar today. Maybe I’ll hit the road with you.


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    Rob: That may be true for shitty bands, but the good ones are pretty damn impressive on guitar. Even more on drums. And thanks, you’re hot too.DR: Nice! Well maybe not so nice for you, but nice! This solidifies my decision to join a metal band.Tai: But plastic guitars just don’t go along with my planned lifestyle of growing long hair, forgetting to shower, and dying of a drug overdose at a very young age.Jen: How’d you get a free faceplate??


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    Because I bought the crappy Wii version that didn’t have stereo sound. For the inconvenience of me having to mail back the disc they sent me some flamin’ bits. It even came Fed Ex. Snazzy.


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    Oooh, nice! Damn my fully functioning Xbox version!


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    Hey… if we get Rockband on Xbox you can be our singer… we’ll have practices every Sunday morning, right after Coronation Street.Like the pic too


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    And here all this time I thought you were a chick ; )


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    Tornwordo, he looks a bit like Moby, so that’s close…


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    SB: You should totally get Rock Band. I will ignore the Coronation Street comment, because I’m so hardcore death metal that I shouldn’t even know what it is. I’d be insulted by you other two, but I saw an interview with Moby on The Hour, and he seems to get laid a whole lot.


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    Start the band, isn’t school over now?


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    Grad school never ends. Goes straight through the summer.


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    Wait, how come nobody told AG just how HAWT Phronk is?!! Phronk, are you Jewish?!!And dude, you will always be with the band. That’s what it takes to get ahead, my man!


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    I can pretend to be.


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    Yeah, I was going to say a Moby (good call Dead Robot) & John Malkovich thing going on… Thinking “lead singer” while looking at your pic does make you sound waaay more bad-ass though.Although, John Malkovich is a bad ass too…


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    Well, you kinda should be.:)


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    Sachz: You’re not the first to mention Malkovich…I even blogged about it HERE before because I’m vain.AG: OK, I’m totally Jewish now. Yep. And I didn’t even have to snip anything!


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