April Fool'd

In my opinion, Rick rolling is the funniest thing to happen to the Internet since that whole All Your Base Are Belong to Us debacle. Now, Google has proved that they are one of the coolest companies aiming for world domination, by officially bringing the Rick roll to Youtube. Go there (today only), and click on any of the “Featured Videos”. Awesome.

In other news, I found a whole bunch of naked pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and posted them RIGHT HERE. OMG, you should totally click that link. YOU KNOW WHAT’S COMING BUT YOU’LL CLICK ANYWAY.




11 responses to “April Fool'd”

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    Loved the Youtube joke… but, I didn’t click the other link, I resisted… I’ll make DR click it later though… hehe


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    You better. Maybe I double-tricked you and it actually is naked pictures of Brad Pitt.


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    I’ll still wait for DR to go on… I’m actually tricking him to go right now, if he doesn’t read the comments first.. hehe


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    Dude, I happy April Fools. AG got blog trolled today.Such a good day.


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    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! You aint no stranger to looooove!


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    You know the roo-ools, and so, do I.


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    Rick Astley is a redhead, like me. Yay!I heard that song on the radio the other day and had a flashback to high school.


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    I was playing a bunch of mopey artfag music for walk in at a mopey artfag band show last week. I stuck Rick Astley right in the middle and turned it up and ruined a bunch of people’s days.HAHAHAHAHA! Take that indie hipster fucks!


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    That’s awesome. Real-life Rick rolling is the pinnacle of human achievement.


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