Deception Cream

The following ad appeared at the top of this blog recently:

What the hell is deception cream? What sort of cream has anything to do with deception?

The only thing I can think of is that it’s a cream you rub on somebody you want to deceive in order to make them more suggestible. “Yeah baby, I can bench press 700 pounds, and I’ve won the Nobel prize. Wait, don’t leave yet…wait, just let me rub this cream on your scalp.”

If that ad pops up again, you’d better click it. Not only will you find out what it is, but seriously, you shouldn’t buy anything until you’ve read about it. Seriously for serious.




2 responses to “Deception Cream”

  1. E Flo Avatar

    I need it to appear NOW!!!!!!!!!!


  2.  Avatar

    I need it to appear NOW!!!!!!!!!!


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