Month: March 2008

  • Cannot Reach You. Your Phone is Everlastingly Busy.

    That title is the heading of a spam message I got recently. It was from “Doll Isaiah”. I also got one from “Leopold Gordon” saying “Separation Reason. Animals Involved.” I like how creative spammers are getting; I’m almost tempted to click the animal one. But how come they always have outlandish names? If they made […]

  • One Hundred Original Ideas for Horror Movies (#42)

    42.) Mister Grabby Hands. The hands are the scariest part of the human body. These two lumps of flesh, with five tubular meat sticks protruding from each, are responsible for every knife thrust, every trigger pulled, every inappropriate touch. A recent spree of murders and assaults baffle police, as witnesses report seeing arms reaching in […]

  • Dr. Phronk's Weight Loss Solution

    I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the last few weeks. People always seem to be wanting to lose weight. Evidence of this is on the radio here in London, where there is this ad that plays on FM96 every few minutes for a product called Evercleanse. It begins with “are you a woman […]