Brought to You by the Letter "L"

If you want to be entertained for a few minutes, check out The Six Biggest Arseholes in Games. The article itself is funny, but even better are the comments, most of which are foul-mouthed British people going off on how much they hate different blocks in Tetris (particularly that “L” bastard). Here are some highlights:

Miketong: Any analy retentive tetris player will tell you the L block is nothing compared to those cuntish S block twins.

RP: I agree, the S blocks are bastards, but there’s something distinctly arsehole-ish about that L-shaped twat.

Matthew:In terms of how they get along with the other blocks, they’re real assholes. Racists even. You always have to cater to squareblocks, making sure there’s a good space for them.

Baz: I’m gonna have to say that the square in tetris is a complete and utter cockhat. If it was an actor it would be Robin Williams.

Oh and I saw this movie called “I Know Who Killed Me”, starring Lindsay Lohan, last night. Now, the title is supposed to be funny I guess, because usually when someone uses the first person, they are alive, so “I know who killed me” is sorta self-contradictory. It’s also intriguing, because you think, maybe the person saying it is a ghost, and they know who killed them, so they haunt policemen and lawyers and jury members in order to bring the killer to justice (#35: Ghost Cop). Or maybe she’s a zombie who wishes she could tell everyone who killed her, but can only really moan about brains and such (#36: The Mute Zombie Caper).

But no, instead, the movie is about a person who isn’t dead, and doesn’t really know who attempted to kill her. I guess “I Forget Who Tried to Kill Me” doesn’t have the same ring, but it would be more accurate.

[SPOILER ALERT] Oh, and the word “me” is even misleading. At the point in the movie that Lohan actually says “I know who killed me”, it makes absolutely no sense. [/SPOILER ALERT]

If you accidentally read the above paragraph without seeing the movie first, don’t worry about it. It’s not that great anyway. It’s basically one pretty good idea that’s dragged out over 1 hour of bad dialogue, characters acting stupid (one phonecall at the beginning of the movie could have saved everyone a lot of trouble), & vague symbolism with the colour blue, mixed with 1 hour of Lindsay Lohan stripping or having sex to music, but never actually getting naked. And she’s really not even hot.

In conclusion, I Know Who Killed Me is a cuntish twat of a movie. Bloody hell.




4 responses to “Brought to You by the Letter "L"”

  1.  Avatar

    I like it when those long single rows fall down. I’m all like: long single row up in this motherfucker.and that L shape bastard IS an the worst.


  2.  Avatar

    I can’t wait for the sequel:I know who hasn’t seen my moviesToo bad, she had a good thing going on, let’s hope rehab agrees with her


  3.  Avatar

    Cuntish Twat.GOd I love the English for inventing our language. (although they say it kind of funny). Cuntish Twat is my new favorite word. I will – henceforth – use cuntish twat every chance I get. “Merry Xmas, cuntish twat”. “I’ll get that report on you desk as soon as I can, boss cuntish twat”. “Thank you for the communion wafer and wine, Father cuntish twat.” Noice!


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