Month: November 2007

  • . Dear guy who reveals his innermost thoughts and feelings in his MSN username, Why? Why do you feel the need to lay out your personal problems for everyone on your MSN list? Why do you leave vaguely disguised private messages to girls who you have a crush on, or girls who you perceive to […]

  • Book Review: The Singularity is Near, by Ray Kurzweil

    The singularity refers to a time, sometime in the future, when machines become more intelligent than biological humans, and technology begins to improve rapidly as a result. The Singularity is Near is Ray Kurzweil’s attempt to justify his belief that the singularity is coming sooner than most people think, and what consequences it will have. […]

  • Bruce Lee Strikes Back

    I’ve written before about how awesome Bruce Lee was (see Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch), and I’ve even tried searching for him by sketching his face. The dude in the video below also sought to sketch Bruce Lee, but instead of using a computer, he did it the old fashioned way; with a bowl of […]