The "C" Must Stand for "Caring" and "Compassionate"

I heard the following on CNN this morning, after a story on the earthquake and possible tsunami in Indonesia today:

“If you have any friends or loved ones in Indonesia…please…call them…and ask them to send us any pictures or video that they have.”






8 responses to “The "C" Must Stand for "Caring" and "Compassionate"”

  1.  Avatar

    Oh no. They will have rescue helicopters for footage and cameras, leaving the love ones behind.


  2.  Avatar

    the C word I’m thinking off for them can’t really be written here…


  3.  Avatar

    Was Rob Marciano asking? ‘Cause I’d send him pretty much anything, if he asked.HAWT.


  4.  Avatar

    I thought the C stood for Canadian.


  5.  Avatar

    be right on that.


  6.  Avatar

    What is this?


  7.  Avatar

    Yeah, screw loved ones…there are far more people desperate for pictures of them suffering than there are people actually suffering. Who should get what they want first?I guess Rob Marciano is hot. FOR A WEATHER MAN. (I don’t even know what that means…jealousy does weird things)I actually thought the C stood for Canadian too when I was young and retarded. I looked it up and Google told me it’s actually “Certainly Not News”. You learn something new every day.


  8.  Avatar

    So THIS is why I don’t watch TV.


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