Month: August 2007

  • Location Location Location

    I started up Google Earth for the first time in a while today. The newest addition is the ability to see what space looks like from any location on Earth, which is pretty cool. So of course, the first place I go to is our new house. The space stuff was boss, but I made […]

  • One Hundred Original Ideas for Horror Movies (#24 – 25)

    24. Skeletons: Skeletons are supposed to be scary; you see them all over the place at Halloween. You see them come to life in cheesy action-adventure movies. But has there ever been a mainstream horror movie featuring living skeletons? I don’t think so. And before you object with “skeletons are the same as zombies”, let’s […]

  • Buses + Bitch + Bioshock

    Buses are sort of like teleporters with a time delay. Think about it; you arrive at a certain location, enter a steel vessel, wait a few minutes, exit the vessel, and you’re at a completely different location from where you entered. I’m telling you, kids, the future is now. I only wrote this post so […]

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