Happy St. Patrick's Day




8 responses to “Happy St. Patrick's Day”

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    Well, my Mother’s family is Irish and I don’t remember it being an un-dead kind of holiday.


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    The Linda Blair pic is how I felt on sunday.


  3.  Avatar

    Salem: What? EVERY holiday is an undead kind of holiday.Butchie: I’m glad you enjoyed your St. Patty’s.


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    Did you see Fido yet?


  5.  Avatar

    This is fun and reminiscent of Butchie’s blog but not as crass. Hope you had a good one too!


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    Irish people go crazy during their holiday. Us Germans have a whole month and we stay calm.


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    Pea soup is green! I get it! I think you should owe me a free Tim’s coffee. Or big screen TV.


  8.  Avatar

    Jason: Not yet! But I’m so seeing it as soon as I find someone who will go with me.Sarah: Thanks. Did you notice the artistic order in which the pictures were arranged? I spent several days on this project.Nolff: Germans have a month long celebration holiday thing? So, like, 1/12th of their entire lives are spent celebrating? Damn, I’m converting to Germanism.Shora: I’m glad someone got it! I’ll send you a few bucks when I win the lottery.


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