I'm Obsessed

OK this is the last Snakes on a Plane post for a while…I promise. But you blog reader people need to see this clip from The Daily Show if you haven’t already. It’s Sam Jackson talking about SoaP. I just love how much fun he seems to have had making the movie, and how nobody seems to take it seriously, which is what makes the whole phenomenon awesome.

Tomorrow will go down in history for two reasons: 1) Phronk will become a MASTER OF SCIENCE; and 2) Snakes on a Plane will be released upon the world at midnight. Yes. YES.




12 responses to “I'm Obsessed”

  1.  Avatar

    you are an addict. I think its time for an intervention.


  2.  Avatar

    what’s funny though, is that most people I know want to see this movie because it looks stupid as hell. where most movies of this caliber have slowly disappeared into obscurity, the complete lack of a decent plot mixed with a loud actor has become incredibly popular on the internet. although, i’ll wait for snakes on another plane.


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    This’ll prob’ly make him the mutherfuckin’ “household name” he should’ve been all along…Samuel L is the muther-fuckin’ BOMB and alwayz has been…


  4.  Avatar

    I want to have his baby! Both Samuel L and Jon’s actually. Thank you thank you thank you Phronk for this. And god bless youtube.


  5.  Avatar

    I’m all about SoaP. I’ll see it this weekend to celebrate your new title “Master of Science”


  6.  Avatar

    You probably know this, but when they first filmed this movie it was going to be a serious piece. After the buzz got out on the internet and the producers realized that it was going to be such a camp success, they apparently scheduled one more week of filming to make it more corny and stupid. They added the line “motherfuckin snakes on this motherfukin plane” as an afterthought. I think for that reason it will be disappointing and not as funny as everyone is expecting. I guess you’ll soon find out though. 🙂


  7.  Avatar

    I’ve been telling everyone at my work that the reason for everything and anything is cuz of motherfuckin’ snakes on the motherfuckin’ plane. Even Mitzzee was immune to me calling her a motherfuckin’ snake today.


  8.  Avatar

    that should have said Mitzzee wasn’t…


  9.  Avatar

    wash his mouth out with….


  10.  Avatar

    You cannot imagine my joy when I heard Sam Jackson yelling at me through my phone to “go see Snakes On A Plane and I’ll letchoo live!” So Phronk, do we address you as “Master” from now on? Congrats babe.


  11.  Avatar

    I’ll see it tonight. I want my freinds to stop sayin’ “Snakes motherfucker”. It was funny lsat year, but they wore it out.Then we see a hardcore wrestling match. No girls, boys night.


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