Gary Busey Isn't Addicted to Oil

In other Gary Busey news, apart from starring in Gingerdead Man, he is in a new Turkish movie about evil American soldiers who kill innocent people and sell their organs on the black market (link). It’s the most expensive Turkish movie ever made. Busey (and his co-star, megacelebrity Billy Zane) will probably be criticized for this…but why? It’s a fictional movie. There are exaggerated stereotypes of every ethnicity in American movies, so maybe it’s about time they stereotype right back. And America does tend to torture prisoners. Not the same as shooting babies, sure, but, it ain’t a documentary.

Apparently Gary also starred in the martial arts western Ghost Rock. While the poster pictured here may look like a really bad photoshop job, it is, in fact, a real movie. Wow. Nice teeth.

He’s also popped up on Captain Bee’s blog. Way to go, Gary!




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