Month: February 2006

  • Goodbye

    V and I are going to Cuba on Saturday for slack week. So I probably won’t be writing anything here for a week, unless they have cheap internet access. I’ll post pictures or something when we get back. We picked a great time to go, after an Ontario couple was killed on vacation in Mexico […]

  • Octopussy

    This web site,, has reached the milestone of having over 20 000 unique visits since its upgrade in June of last year. That’s a hell of a lot of visits, and I thank anyone reading this for boosting my ego by upping that hit counter. Of course, the vast majority of the visits are […]

  • Road Trip of Death

    Yesterday, a few friends and I went to Toronto to see the Ontario Science Centre’s Body Worlds 2 exhibit. This exhibit consists of real dead bodies and organs, preserved by replacing fluids and fat with plastic. It’s partly educational, but mostly artistic. I was surprised at how close you could get to the bodies; they […]