Susan’s Sensational Saugeen Strippers Scandal

Now the London Free Press has gotten their hands on the Saugeen Stripper story. After the Toronto Star, strangely.

Even more surprising is the fact that UWO’s own Gazette newspaper hasn’t said anything about it yet. If I was paranoid, I’d think there’s some conspiracy going on…a coverup. Or maybe they just realized that a few people walking around naked really isn’t a big deal.

The funniest part about this whole thing is that the person at UWO who seems to be speaking for the university is Susan Grindrod. That’s right, GRIND ROD. They probably sent her to the media on purpose. “Well, we could send our media relations expert…but the VP of housing is named Grindrod. Let’s send her and see if anyone notices the connection. Teehee.”

Oh, and everyone seems to be talking as if there was just one stripper. In the pictures, I see four boobies…and unless life has become the utopian future prophesied in Total Recall, that means two people. Personally, I think the other one is much hotter. It’s probably better that she gets less attention though. It won’t ruin her life quite as much. Nothing ruins your day more than a destroyed life. (?)





6 responses to “Susan’s Sensational Saugeen Strippers Scandal”

  1. Paige Avatar

    you know that the Gazette stopped publishing on the 6th… so that’s why they are silent.Though they did have a chance to say something back then, before the rest of the global press got on the story, but they totally pooched that one.glad you liked my interview with tony…


  2. Harry J. Sachz Avatar

    wow, paige is a cute girl…


  3. Phronk Avatar

    Yeah, I realized after I posted that the Gazette had stopped publishing. I was thinking of correcting it, but then the whole post would have been ruined. Why wreck a good post just for the sake of accuracy?Perhaps I would agree with Sachz if I didn’t have a girlfriend who read this blog.


  4. Harry J. Sachz Avatar

    yeah, my wife doesn’t use the internet much… so i’m in the clear (so far)


  5. Biloxi_boy Avatar

    Where does the name “Saugeen Stripper” originate?? There is a Saugeen First Nation near Southampton, Ontario, and a local waterway named the Saugeen River…Ciao


  6. Phronk Avatar

    The name comes from the residence where the “scandal” happened: Saugeen Maitland Hall. Perhaps the name has the same origin as your river, but I’m far too lazy to look it up.


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