Month: November 2005

  • Conversations With Dumb People

    At the McDonalds drive-through (aka drive-thru) today: V: “I’ll have a number 2 combo.”McDonalds Employee: “Would you like cheese on that?”V: “On the quarter pounder with cheese?”McDonalds Employee: “Yeah.”V: “Yes, I’ll have cheese on that.”

  • Telefrancais Ananana OMG!!!

    Whoa! Anyone remember Telefrancais? It was that horrible 10 minute show that all Canadian kids were forced to watch in french classes. Well I just came across the theme song here and it brought back all sorts of weird and wonderful memories. It even has its own YTMND. Then I came across a whole bunch […]

  • Random Ramblings

    I just had the best bagel. It was jalapeno flavoured, with cheese on top. The jalapeno flavour came from real chunks of jalapeno…not “jalapeno product” poured into the dough, as per usual. I thank the lady at Encounters for recommending it to me. She is my hero. Wanna know something sad? I have more spam […]

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