Random Ramblings

I just had the best bagel. It was jalapeno flavoured, with cheese on top. The jalapeno flavour came from real chunks of jalapeno…not “jalapeno product” poured into the dough, as per usual. I thank the lady at Encounters for recommending it to me. She is my hero.

Wanna know something sad? I have more spam in my e-mail at this particular moment than all the non-spam mail I’ve recieved in about six months. Since spam is automatically deleted every month…that means a month’s worth of spam equals six months’ worth of real email. I get six times more spam than email. And this is at my “real” email address which I only give to people I trust. What the hell happened to the internet?

In other news, my other blog has been updated with a post about my new religion, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the new poo brown colour scheme. Heheheheheehehe poo ehhehehe. But really, it’s meant to resemble coffee and chocolate (two of my favourite things) than poo. Hehehehehe poo.