After that last post of mine, I decided to look around for blogs from London Ontario, to see if I actually was the first person on the internet to break the horrible news of whatever happened down the street.

Yes, I’m a dork.

But anyway, I didn’t find any news about that, but I did find some charming little blogs from London. It’s kinda cool to see local stuff being blogged. Like this one here from a person who apparently works at city hall. Cool…inside information. Then there’s Overheard at Western, where someone posts fun things which were overheard at various locations in London. Having overheard many wonderful things myself, I think it’s a great idea to post them for the world to see. I aspire to be overheard myself and put on that blog someday.

So I’m thinking I should start posting more about the city I live in. It would make this blog seem more relevant, at least to local folk, and maybe people would actually read it. Here is my local comment for today: apparently Wonderland Gardens burned to the ground on Monday. Now everyone is saying they have such great memories about it.

Here are my memories about the place: I remember driving by the big “Wonderland” sign when I was young, and being very confused because I thought Wonderland was in Toronto. When I asked my parents, they said something about Guy Lombardo. I guess he played there or something. I still don’t really know who he is.

My memories become more fuzzy as time goes on (my brain is slowly breaking as I get older). I remember driving there for a graduation dance thing (“prom”)…but I know it wasn’t my own. I know that at one point in my life I did attend someone else’s graduation, but it may or may not have been the same time I pulled up outside Wonderland Gardens. That might have been some other place and time. So I may or may not have been there before it got all toasty.

So uhh…yeah…great place. Such memories. Shame it burned down. I guess.




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  1. gardner Avatar

    there’s also….thats also a good london blog if you’re interested


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    there’s also….thats also a good london blog if you’re interested


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