Month: August 2005

  • Londont

    After that last post of mine, I decided to look around for blogs from London Ontario, to see if I actually was the first person on the internet to break the horrible news of whatever happened down the street. Yes, I’m a dork. But anyway, I didn’t find any news about that, but I did […]

  • Where the Hell is Batman?

    Driving home from seeing Batman Begins today (good movie, by the way), I saw about 6 or 7 police cars at some townhouses just down the street, on Western road. More police were walking around with flashlights across the street. Things like this don’t happen often in London Ontario, so it must be something big. […]

  • Other Blog Updated

    I have posted a new blog entry on my other blog. Click here to see it. Edit: Links removed; I’m semi-anonymous now. I’ve decided to update that other blog from time to time with boring real life stuff…like stuff about school and work and life. I’ll reserve this blog for made up bigfoot stories and […]