Month: July 2005

  • GTM: Part Three

    (In reference to THIS and THIS.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now rated “Adults Only”, for the reasons I mentioned earlier. I will repeat that I don’t see how anybody in their right mind can make sense of this. I guess it’s just a case of blindly following outdated rules: “violence = mature, sex […]

  • [Insert Witty Title About Being Beamed Up]

    Scotty is dead. I’ve never been very into Star Trek, but it always sucks when an important figure in pop culture dies. James Doohan was actually a pretty cool guy, outside of being Scotty. First of all, he’s Canadian, which is neat. He was also part of the Canadian army, and he was there on […]

  • Drunkennesssess

    From the perspective of someone who is totally fucking drunk…my new years resolution….even tgough it’s not new years….although it’s kinda half-new-years….is to….get….totally fucking drukn….more….often.