[Insert Witty Title About Being Beamed Up]

Scotty is dead. I’ve never been very into Star Trek, but it always sucks when an important figure in pop culture dies.

James Doohan was actually a pretty cool guy, outside of being Scotty. First of all, he’s Canadian, which is neat. He was also part of the Canadian army, and he was there on D-Day. Apparently he managed to tip-toe over some mines (they were meant for tanks, so they didn’t go off), but then got shot six times. One of his fingers even got machine-gunned off, but he lived. Getting shot six times and living is pretty awesome…unless you’re a “gansta” and got yourself shot over something stupid. Then you’re just stupid. But Scotty ain’t no gansta, so he gets my full props.

[Insert vaguely Scottish farewell]




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