Year: 2004

  • I got a new feature! You can now leave comments about my posts. Leave a comment and make me feel popular! If you need some inspiration to leave a comment, how about I bring up a controversial topic that you can disagree with me on? OK…so I think that poor people should be put in […]

  • Sunshine and Lollipops So, the weather is getting nice again. It’ll probably be snowing tomorrow, but it’s nice for now. But you know what? I like it that way. The best days are days when it’s been crappy for a while, and suddenly it’s nice. Days like that are way better than if it was […]

  • Superness I have discovered that I am a super hero. I am a super hero because I have a super power. My power is the ability to open elevators with my mind. It’s actually a pretty passive power…I don’t have to think about it, elevators just open for me. I didn’t think much of this […]