Sunshine and Lollipops

So, the weather is getting nice again. It’ll probably be snowing tomorrow, but it’s nice for now. But you know what? I like it that way. The best days are days when it’s been crappy for a while, and suddenly it’s nice. Days like that are way better than if it was just sunny all the time. Everyone is immediately in a great mood…people say “hi” to strangers and mean it when they smile. The cynical bastard inside me informs me that if you want to manipulate anyone into doing you a favour, such a day would be the perfect time, because people all want to be nice. It’s also a good day to be nice for the sake of being nice.

I think I’ll go for a walk today.

Not only because it’s warm out…but because I need an excuse to use my new MP3 player (pictured on the right, cuz I really am a geek). I got an iRiver iHP-120 on Friday (after $100 in unexpected shipping charges…UPS fucking sucks), and it’s quite the amazing little thing. It holds 20 gigabytes of data. In non-geek language…I’ve put about 90 full CD albums and 4000 miscellaneous songs on it, and it’s just over half full. That’s about 220 hours worth of music. I could listen to it for over 9 days continuously, and in addition to being deaf and sick of all music forever, I wouldn’t have heard the same song twice. What’s the point, you say? There isn’t much point…I could just get a $10 radio and listen to that…but it’s just so cool that I carry nine days’ worth of sound in a little box the size of a deck of cards. It’s magic through technology. If you brought this thing back in time 100 years, or even back 10 years, they would probably think it was magic. Then they’d burn you at the stake with it, and you’d be like “Nooo! The instruction manual says not to expose it to extreme heat!”, then your face would melt.

While I’m bragging about my music collection, I counted my CDs yesterday, and I have 432 of them. At about $14 each (or more, but I buy a lot of them used), that’s $6000 I’ve spent on CDs. My girlfriend pointed out that I could have bought a car with that money. But what would I rather have…the ability to get anywhere I want quickly, or the ability to put on Styx Greatest Hits whenever I want? I think the answer is obvious.


(The answer is Styx).



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