Year: 2003

  • Day of the Dead So, I hear Tupac’s new movie is coming out tomorrow. Funny, since he’s dead. I can understand it when a recently deceased movie star puts out a movie, like the dude from The Crow. I mean, they haven’t started to rot yet, so they can still fake being alive pretty well. […]

  • Hairy Chicks Rule Sometimes, when it comes to movies, it’s actually good to be Canadian. For example…Ginger Snaps, one of my most favouritest movies ever, is getting both a sequel and a prequel made. The sequel will only be released theatrically in Canada. January 23, 2004 is the date it comes out, so any of […]

  • I See Tongue! OK, I was somewhat excited just to see Britney and Christina on stage together, paying homage to their predecessor Madonna. Then Madonna herself shows up, and it’s pretty fucking awesome. Then Madonna makes out with both of them, pushing it into the spot of the greatest moment in television history. On CNN […]

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