Month: March 2002

  • Sick If you use a Hotmail email address, you probably know how much junk mail you can get every day. Usually it’s pretty obvious what’s junk mail and what’s real mail just by the subject line. If it says “TIGHT 18 YEAR OLD MIDGET SLUTS WITH HORSES!” then it’s obviously junk mail (unless you’re into […]

  • I Am Better Than You. So I saw Blade 2 tonight. That’s right, I got to see it a whole day before everybody else, because I am God. It was an excellent movie. If you liked the dance club scene in the first Blade, this is basically two hours of that, and with wrestling moves. […]

  • Best Music of Last Year OK, I’ve said what my favourite movies were last year, so now I feel obligated to mention my favourite albums. I can’t pick one that was a clear winner, so I’ll just list a few of the best, in no particular order. Radiohead – Amnesiac: So it was basically a […]

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