Month: February 2002

  • Welcome to the New Phronk.Com That’s right, I’ve totally redesigned this web site’s interface by adding colour to the titles of my posts! Isn’t that exciting??? Anyway, I have something to complain about now, so listen up. You know what’s funny? Foods that advertise that they’re “low fat”, but only because there’s not much of […]

  • The Best and Worst Movies of the Year The Academy Award nominations were announced recently, and I’m pretty please with them. I’m glad to see a movie like Lord of the Rings get lots of nominations, because more fantasyish movies need to be made. Anyway, now is a good time to share my worthless opinion […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m writing a song to celebrate Valentine’s day. The chorus goes “you flew an airplane into my heart.” It’s called Osama Bin Lovin’ . One day it’s gonna be a big hit, and I’ll be writing songs for big stars like Madonna and Vanilla Ice.

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