Year: 2015

  • The Best Most Listened-To Albums of 2015

    Like an emotionless robot, I am driven by data. Music is served to me via algorithms that analyze my past habits, causing further evolution of said habits, which are tracked by various entities that compete to turn information into profit. Unlike most robots (so far), I can access my habits, reflect on them, and try […]

  • Book Review: City of Stairs, by Robert Jackson Bennett

    Dammit, Robert Jackson Bennett. I was about ready to give up on fantasy, as a genre, after the last few highly-regarded novels put me to sleep. Given the length of the average fantasy book, that would save me, like, five days a year. I could have had five more days of life every year by […]

  • The Best Movies of 2015

    Here are the best movies I saw this year, with reviews of each: It Follows: great horror movie! Star Wars Seven: excellent space fantasy movie! Mad Max: Fury Road: so good feminist post-apocalypse anger movie! Ex Machina: oh no, science fiction movie! Master of None: oops, actually a TV show. Narcos, Daredevil, Sense8, Jessica Jones: […]

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