Year: 2013

  • The Myth of the Adult

    When we are kids, life’s trajectory looks something like this: struggle through childhood with crappy unfinished brains, then at some point, make a transition to adulthood, in which our brains are complete, mature, and equipped to handle what life throws at us. Calvin and Hobbes: Moving On, by Zatransis Every adult knows that’s bullshit. And every […]

  • The Complete List of Songs About Masturbation

    Sometimes, when blogging inspiration just isn’t whacking you in the face, it helps to engage in little intellectual games that you play with yourself. Like coming up with lists. Like coming up with lists of songs about masturbation. Here is a list of songs that are all about wanking. There are other lists (see also) […]

  • Digital Headstones

    Whenever someone I love dies, I put an event for that day in my calendar and set it to repeat yearly. It’s like an electronic graveyard. Throughout the year I wander through it, stopping to reflect as I come across the digital headstones. There are only a few right now, but it will fill up […]

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